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'energy, education, research' with the boolean 'OR' would find records containing 'energy' or 'education' or 'research', whereas changing the boolean to 'AND' would only find records containing 'energy' and 'education' and 'research'. Wildcard character is % which is added to both sides of the keywords but you can use it within a keyword i.e. 'education%research' which would catch 'educational research' and 'education on energy research'.

use comma (,) to separate words

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23 Nov
Strategic Subjects in Higher Education

Debate summary (29KB)

Sir Howard Newby CBE (25KB), Chief Executive, Higher Education Funding Council for England

Pam Alexander (5068KB), Chief Executive, South East England Development Agency

Tom Swan OBE (21KB), Chairman, Thomas Swan & Co Ltd

This discussion appeared in the FST Journal Volume 18, Number 8 (1167KB)

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